More than 800 years of history

Minstrels, reformers, Countess von Thurn & Taxis, hotel

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Hornberg’s history began around the year 1200 when the first small castle on the Schlossberg, the castle mountain, was built and the town founded.

A great deal has happened in more than 800 years. A lot has been built and destroyed on this mountain. Minstrels, a lot of bailiffs, reformers and even a Countess of Thurn und Taxis have all lived here.

For most of its history, it belonged to the Swabians, since Hornberg only became part of the state of Baden after Napoleon’s reorganisation of the area – but one thing has remained the same: then as now, it is Hornberg’s landmark.

Our hotel was built in 1897 and – as you can probably guess – it’s seen a lot of comings and goings since then.

If you’re interested in the history of the hotel and Schlossberg mountain, you’re welcome to book our Schlossberg tour for groups of 10 or more.